Add glitter and endurance to your house with Quartz tiles

Published: 05th February 2010
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The word Quartz came from the Latin word 'Querkluftertz' which means cross-vein ore. Quartz, mica and feldspar jointly form a Quartz stone and mainly it conveys the rock's texture. Turn of the century and you will find that majority of the famous palaces were constructed by Quartz tiles. These tiles are actually found in the form of crystals that are separated from the hard natural igneous rocks. Moreover, it contains homogeneous composition which makes it thick, sturdy and long-lasting tiles.

In ancient times the process of extraction was very complicated, time consuming and expensive. But in the present era, the modern machinery techniques have made it easier and cost effective. The applications of Quartz tiles are popular for both commercial and residential buildings. They can add more beauty to the floor, slab, bathroom, kitchen, fireplace, roof and other places of your apartment. You can get Quartz tiles in various exclusive patterns with colorful and attractive looks. You will get variety of dark and light shades of Quartz tiles with different textures. Among them the most popular are blue pearl Quartz with silver shine, crystal white Quartz and golden colored quartz. These popular tiles are less expensive compared to the other tiles which are made of marble, travertine and limestone.

There are a number of advantages associated with Quartz tile, including:

• Durability and long-lasting

• Easy to maintain

• Damp proof and heat and frost resistant

• Impervious to Oil, grease and any kind of solution

• Endure dust and dirt particles

• Prevent slipping and are easy walk on than conventional tiles

• Insusceptible to different temperature.

To make it glossier, clean the tiles regularly with household cleaner or scrubber and it will add a sparkle to your household or office complex.

So, come out of confusion if you have any and choose
">Quartz Tiles
to glorify the look of your apartment.

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